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Volver a empezar

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Lean Management: The management model that today everyone accepts as the most advanced, efficient and competitive

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Lluís Cuatrecasas

Foreword by J.A. Tena, to whom this book allowed him to change and improve the organization of his chain of stores.

A novel that transforms managers' thinking into positive ideas and attitudes.

A story in simple and understandable language, to learn how to adopt the management considered today, as the one that can bring more benefits and competitiveness to your company or business.

VOLVER A EMPEZAR (begin to begin) tells the story of a company that, managed in the traditional way that has yielded so good results throughout the twentieth century, changes to a new style of management, highly efficient: management lean or tight, which allows to reach full competitiveness in this 21st century. The transformation process developed is told in the form of a novel, with characters that make it understandable and enjoyable.

VOLVER A EMPEZA tells the story of Robert Delve, a troubled businessman, about the progressive loss of competitiveness of his industrial plant and his efforts to change the negative course of results. His mood breaks, he feels out of phase, unresponsive in a world that is becoming less and less understood. He even doubts his professional ability.

But someone, a woman who runs a service company, helps her professionally change the current and highly efficient trends of new lean management, which she has already implemented in her business. Robert learns, becomes familiar with, and incorporates into his company new concepts, such as waste, flexibility, lead time, assured quality, service, dynamism, leadership ... to turn it into a lean company.

This relationship also favors other, more subtle changes. Robert will eventually change unsatisfying personal facets, adopt positive life attitudes, regain forgotten illusions, and recover energies that propel him back into the limelight. And today, more than ever, companies are the reflection of the people who run them.

2011 edition

Editorial Profit


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